The Nia Group offers a spectrum of programming geared toward individuals who are primarily school aged through adulthood.  Core components of our programs feature subject matter, interactive material, and activities that are financial literacy focused. Currently, we provide the following programs:

Mudpies to Mutual Funds:

Mudpies to Mutual funds is a financial literacy program designed for grades K-12 which features a behavior modification component.  The program has been structured to complement current standards established by the State of Indiana’s Department of Education.  Mudpies to Mutual Funds has been designed to meet the financial needs and concerns of students, parents and communities.

Y.E.S. (Youth Economic Summit)

Y.E.S. is our culminating event in our effort to empower our youth.  Y.E.S. is community wide outreach program that is designed to provide students with the opportunity to participate in various interactive workshops while meeting and partnering with mentors.  Workshops are designed to expose and explore current economic issues, careers, investment opportunities and youth related financial matters.


PocketChange is Nia’s effort to reach individuals in the comfort of their homes without fear of degradation or insecurities of lack of knowledge.  PocketChange is a lively, unique and practical 30 minute program targeted at educating underserved populations.  The show provides information about common everyday money matters in terms everyone can understand.  Each week viewers will learn and explore the interesting world of managing money, getting out of debt, creating a budget, choosing a mortgage, choosing investment vehicles and much, much more….

 F.L.I.P. (Financial Literacy Initiative Program):

F.L.I.P.’s financial literacy initiative consists primarily of a collaborative public education campaign focusing on three major financial areas; Consumer Credit, Budgeting, and Saving Strategies. Prior to public implementation of the program, Staff members from the various agencies will participate in a rigorous 20 hour training program.  Agency staff members will be equipped with resources, technology, and a centralized referral base to ensure your clients are receiving sound financial information and opportunities. Following your clients can receive one/one “Cash Coaching.”   Are you ready to make a change in peoples lives and communities?


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