About Women’s Money Conference

      For Women.  By Women.  About Women.

Coming March 31, 2018

University of Illinois Chicago Forum

The NIA GROUP will join forces with Women’s Money®

to bring this innovative and educational event to Chicago!

Women’s Money® has successfully piloted its innovative financial education program in Nevada with 10 financial education conferences in the past three years to audiences of as many of 600, and currently services almost 1500 Nevada women a year.  Now, it’s coming to Chicago! #womensmoneyChicago

The program has been featured in the New York Times, Woman’s World Magazine, USA Today, Forbes and more.  It features:

  • FREE Admission for all women

  • Giveaways & Games (Yes, it’s fun to play with money!)

  • FREE Resources.

  • Delicious Lunch

  • Financial Experts Addressing YOUR TOP Money Issues

  • Real Life Strategies from Real Women Like You!  Find out what REALLY works.

This informative and entertaining event will inspire and guide you to establish the financial foundation for lasting success so you can relax and enjoy life. Money gives you the security, freedom, the inner confidence associated with peace of mind, and the ability to enjoy your life and reach your goals.



Why is the Conference Needed?

84% of women say they do not understand or receive information from financial and investment institutions.

Currently, 1 in 3 women lives in or on the brink of poverty. 90% of women say they are completely or mostly unprepared for retirement.  As a result, 3 out of 5 women in the U.S. will retire in poverty.

It’s not just about the Wage Gap.  Many advocates cite the wage gap as a solution to this issue because if women were paid the same as men we could reduce poverty in America by 50%.

However, our interviews with women suggest that because women do not receive the financial messages they need, families would continue living the same poverty lifestyle at a higher income level, even if we could eliminate the wage gap and decrease poverty tomorrow.



What Women Are Saying…

“My daughter came with me to the conference and has met with her mentoring group for a few months. At 18 she opened up her own bank account with savings attached. She’s building a credit the smart way, and we have started a college savings account too. Thank you!! This has been an incredibly valuable experience.” — Eileen

“Phenomenal Experience! Because of the conference I attended, I now have one day a month to “manage my business” just like I do in my real business. It’s amazing because I just spend one day thinking about my PERSONAL finances. It’s really made a world of difference because the other 29 days of the month I don’t stress out about my spending or my finances…”  — Maria, business owner  


What is Women’s Money®?

Women’s Money®, is  501c3, non-profit, financial literacy organization has developed a proprietary financial education and accountability system to help women achieve personal financial wellness. There is no other financial education program like it in the nation.

Our Mission:  Increasing financial resiliency, and social and economic justice for women and girls.

Our Vision:  To reduce poverty in America by 50% by providing support and action steps for women to invest in their education and retirement.


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